Fifa 15 Ultimate team


Fifa 15 Ultimate Team is part of Fifa 15 where to buy, sell and make profit on the player you buy. When starting in UT as those who play FIFA Ultimate Team says, start with a really shitty teams who have poor team spirit and is not well assessed. When you play matches in UT can get money in UT. Inside the Fifa 15 the menu there is an element called catalog, which you can buy bonus items such coin bonus going to get extra money when playing games. You can play online games or play single matches, there is also a team called the week teams who come every week, where you can get extra money. But REMEMBER that you can only get extra money each team. Various divisoner you can both play online and offline. that is from Divison 10 To 1.
There are not many there when getting Divison 1. There is a new update which has come minimum price and maximums price. which is good for those who do not have much money and ok for those who have money in UT. When you play online in division 10 with a bad team can come up against a team with Aguero and Hazard. It is irretrerende. But some who have the good team can not really find out Fifa. fun sometimes. you can buy something called Fifa points.
It is to open the packages. You can also open the packages for your coins. It’s rare you get good players in the packages. Team spirit / chemistry is important in UT. If you have good chemistry can play much better without being the best for Fifa 15. For example, if you have bad chemistry so if you put a ball down the poor and there is less chance to head it in. Also if you put a stitch will pay poorly. there are fitness and contracts. players lose fitness each match. Their contracts expire too. When fitness is poor, they quickly injured and runs slower. When contracts expire, they can not play anymore so you have to renew them. You can also borrow players in the catalog. The players can not renew the contract. Dest better players are shorter contracts.

Logitech G13 gaming keypad

logitech g13

Logitech G13 is a small keyboard where you can find a lot macro buttons. There are for G1 to G25, and it is well many. You will find a joytick along with two other knaper which entirety G24 and G25. There is also a pad wounds your insult will Legge perfect. Up in the top of the you will find a small display and a profile selector along with a Sw itch off switch will light.

You can program the lights and G buttons with a pogram which oversees join Logitech product you buy it entirety: Logitech Gaming Softwaer. You can program light wounds it glows in 6000 researching just faver. It can be purchased in Elgiganten and a lot of wearing your usual places. It can be recommended.

 Top gun

Boom! Baam ! Sounds when Maverick comes into action Top Gun is a film with good graphics. Top Gun was especially praised because of your aerial combat scenes. The film is about two pilots F-14 Maverick and Goose who is admitted to an elite school. Top Gun means hunter pilot. Maverick becomes lovers with Collins in the film. It was made in 1986 and directed by Tony scoot . It was produced by Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer with Paramount Pictures .

The screenplay was written by Jim Cash and Jack Epps JR. The protagonist Maverick called Tom Cruise. The film premiered May 16, 1986 where the reviews were good . The song Take My Breath Away won an Oscar.Hvis in like number one then you should just know that there is a 2 and I expect that number 2 is just as good.

Team Fortress 2

TF 2

If you like Battlefield, GTA and Titan Fall, but it is realistic , then Team fortress 2 is for you. The graphics are not the best but it suits the characters . You can choose many different types. You can for example be heavy , sniper and spy . The game is free on Steam and can be recommended . The game itself is free but some special courts, which can last up to an hour , costs money. In the lanes you can get good gains and playing and having fun with friends . The weapons can not be upgraded , but the game itself is fun. You must first start the game before it really gets fun . There are different ways to play , you can either play defense and attack , the king of the hill and a path which is about you have to push a cart with dynamite all the way down to the red ( You start by blue). What I find to rage quit about is when the spy will make you silver instanst . But the judge said it best himself , I ‘m just saying good luck , and we’ll see maybe in the war ?

Farming Simulator 15

Farming simulator 2015

Farming Simulator is a simulator in the simulator is not very good quality, it should not but it is good enough. Shown you will go far in the game you must use the ” Hire worker ” icon , it makes machines / machine runs itself. If you need money quickly , I recommend you to cut down trees . You can get thousands of dollars for . To earn extra money when you harvest , you must take the train. And send it away with the train , the train comes back, but not with your harvest . You shall reap , trap or clear many miss tones before you can afford the most expensive tractor . And you must make a lot more money if you want to buy all fields and trees .

NBA 2K 15


NBA 2K 15 is a game a little Just like fifa just with basketball. There’s Ultimate team states just My Team. There are also careers but Also known as just MyGm. You can also try your imagination by making your own play and make him one of the best players of all time. NBA 2K 15 is also a My park where you use your own man and play with others online. It’s challenging but fun. there are different rank in My park. You get rewards the higher rank you are in. For example, if pigeon is the highest level you would get 50,000 VC (VC’s what you pay things with) and you can play as a mascot. There is a shop where you can buy clothes, shoes and accessories for instance, arm sleeves, padded arm sleeves, jerseys from your favorite clubs and more. If you want you can also play two mod2 or 3 on 3 also ahead with your favorite legends and net present players. You can also just play for fun against friends or just against the CPU. There is an element called Myleague. I have not played it yet so I can not really say if it’s good or bad. You can also play the matches being played in reality. There you can select your favorite team and play matches. There is an element called 2k television as 2k self-published episodes. The publisher Locker codes, (locker codes is a code you can write so you get it the gir) tips and talk to their experts. NBA 2K 15 is generalt a really good game in my intention. I look forward to NBA 2k 16th



Fwiiii! Boom! That could be you, there throwing that magic thing.

The game cannot take themselves series. It has a good graphic, and have the funniest remark. But you can sometime be tired then Vlad come.  Magicka has some fun loading screen. You can get sorcerer there roast sausages and more.

There is different form of the game, there is adventure, adventure maps and more. There is many people and monsters. You can play with you friends or online.  You can kill you own friends, of course in the game.



Skyfall is the 23rd James-Bond movie, there are directed by a Sam Mendes but then are unfortunately only Recomended to children over 11 years. It was written  a John Logan, Neal Purvis and Robert Wadel.

They spent 200 million to make the film and served 7.43945758 trillion. It premiered in London d. October 23, 2012. The last 145 minutes and won two Oscar.

One of the best original song and best sound editing. After 14 days, had 530,000 Danes seen Skyfall.

Bean Boozled

Bean Boozled

Bean Boozled ar Jelly Bean, but with forskelig flavor fx coconut-Baby Wips, Lime-gras, popcorn with butter and stinking socks If you well could think you to taste them, so are the very hard to grab. You can either be lucky to buy them on the net, or perhaps find them in some rare shops in jylland. Bean boozleld’ve actually been released in ten years. But first in 2015 was it mega popular.


Most who plays Bean boozled plays it does not really, but tastes and eats they mega delicious jelly beans there is in the package. One exists of skill next to the. It works with that you, comes arrow inside in middle. The flying around on the plate and Stop! The is the country on, bvaadrr! it lands on pry or peach.



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